Laura Dent  Co-Founder

Laura Dent is a level two netball coach and has been involved in netball for twenty years whether playing, umpiring, mentoring or coaching. She has played at regional level and national level. This passion for sport has shone through into her work life where she has worked in Sports Therapy for ten years, running a successful practice combining sports work with clinical appointments. Laura is thrilled to now be taking on a new role at Mighty Netball, overseeing our netball classes and working behind the scenes.

"I love introducing this sport to the children at grassroots level. Seeing them enjoy the very basics of the sport and then grow and progress will be a wonderful way to spend my week. I

am very happy to be a part of the Mighty team."

Corinne Askey  Co-Founder

Corinne Askey is a level two netball coach and has been involved in netball for as long as she can remember both playing and coaching. She has played at national level, and attended Loughborough University where she studied Sports Science and Physics. After graduating, Corinne became an accountant working in industry whilst continuing to coach netball.  

"Role models are so important to us all, but especially to children.  If you can see it, you can be it.  There are so many positive role models in netball; people who are female, successful and assertive.  I believe the sport provides a grassroots team sport option that girls really believe is for them.  That is the hook, and if that's all it takes for children to access all the benefits that sport can bring then I will provide as many opportunities for all to participate as I can!"

The Mighty Team

Just some of Mighty Netball's team are below, but not everyone is listed.  Our Coaches are doing a fabulous job on the courts and hiding from our company camera!

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Lucy Phippen

Lucy Phippen is passionate about coaching sport to youngsters. Alongside coaching Mighty Netball, Lucy also coaches gymnastics in Berkhamsted. As well as playing netball growing up, Lucy excelled at gymnastics and competed Regionally. She is currently studying for her A Levels and plans to go on to university. 


" I have always loved sports and I'm looking forward to passing on my enthusiasm for it to the younger generation. Seeing the children accomplish their goals and running round with a huge smile on their face will be a highlight of my week."

Louise Gibbings

Louise Gibbings is very excited to be involved with Mighty Netball as it combines her two passions in life, working with children and Netball.  Louise is qualified in Child Development and Early Childhood education and has worked with children for over 20 years in local nurseries and schools. Louise has always been an active person, competing in Netball and Athletics at school, and throughout her adulthood continuing to enjoy fitness.  Louise returned to playing Netball again a few years ago and hasn’t looked back - enjoying the sport in every form. Louise will be running Mighty Playmate on Tuesday mornings in Berkhamsted.


“It’s a wonderful opportunity to be involved in encouraging children to be active whilst having fun through sport. I look forward to meeting many Mighty netballers and passing on the passion of such a great sport.”

Emma Edmends-Fahey 

Emma Edmends-Fahey is a level one netball coach who has played and coached for many years. Currently Emma spends her time coaching with Mighty or playing and umpiring at leagues in Hertfordshire. Her passions are fitness and sport, Emma has run marathons and played professional football in her youth, alongside club level hockey and county netball. Emma spends her spare time with her young family.  


“I feel honoured to have the opportunity to share my love of netball with the children. It is so rewarding to be a role model and watch the children develop as they enjoy sport. I'm very excited to be a part of the Mighty team.”

Lucy-Ann Pritchard

Lucy-Ann Pritchard is a keen netball player and she has played to a good standard for many years. Lucy-Ann has always worked in sport as an instructor, trainer and sports massage therapist. Her other sporting achievements include competing nationally in many sports such as show jumping, fencing, swimming and long-distance running.

“Personally, I feel that sport has a wonderful way of enhancing a child’s development not only physically through exercise but also emotionally. It can help build self-confidence, improve social skills and also give them an enormous feeling of self-achievement. I am hoping that I can initiate the children’s passion for sport, the same passion that has always been a huge part of my success in life and career.”

If you share our vision and are passionate about working with children, you could join our team!  Find out more or get in contact  with us.

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