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Mighty Netball began as an idea between two friends.  Friends who love netball and know first hand the positive impact it has on peoples lives.

After trying to find team based activities for Corinne's young daughter they realised the need for an team based activity that appealed to girls.


With conviction and enthusiasm they embarked on their mission and haven't looked back.


Combining their sports and business knowledge is a winning formula and the company has seen fast growth delivering 7596 opportunities for children under the age of 11 to play netball in the first year.


Our hope is to have a life long impact on the children that take part. Without realising it, they should be empowered to take on life's challenges. Using the skills learnt through sport to give the confidence to achieve goals and have self-belief.

Mighty Netball provides an opportunity to run around, be boisterous, be physical, use up energy and develop motor and social skills. Sessions are tailored to age and linked to a sport with female role models.

Our inspiration is the girls around us, let us support our young girls to enjoy a sport that encourages them to be physical, assertive and have fun! 

Laura and Corinne are joined by an amazing team of inspirational coaches.  Each and every one is a fabulous role model for Mighty and their passion for coaching shines in the session.

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